How to Be a Victorious Christian

Thomas A. Davis


The greatest need of the Seventh-day Adventist Church today is not more money, bigger budgets, more buildings, more institutions and facilities. It is not even more evangelistic crusades. What we as Seventh-day Adventist Church members need is to be saved from our sins. God is not waiting for more storms, more political furor, more wars and rumors of wars, before Jesus can come. He is waiting for His people to gain the victory over sin, so that He can trust them with heaven. Jesus came "to save his people from their sins"; to help us to be overcomers!

That we might understand how this may be is the reason for the writing of this book; for How to Be a Victorious Christian, by Thomas A. Davis, deals with the practice of the Christian faith. In a simple, yet forceful, manner he places before his readers the way to live the Christian life as a true overcomer. Step by step he makes the way inviting and very practical. Jesus will live again in your experience as you see Him lifted up in all His beauty and loveliness in every page.

General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

First printing 1975