How to Be a Victorious Christian


Perspective and Objective
Something Lacking
The Turning Point
Not by Spiritual Osmosis
The Terminal Cancer of Sin
In Brief

Willard Saxby and the Laodiceans
Three Against One
"What Greater Deception?"
Not Hypocrites
Not a Hopeless Case

The Irreducible Minimum
Plain Words
Not a Modified or Rearranged Life
Nine Signs of Regeneration

The One Who Helps Us Cope
Three Laws
The Greatest Gift Promised
The Fellowship of the Spirit

The Heart of the Matter
"By Nature Children of Wrath"
"I Will Put Enmity"
"I Must Over-come"
Trying to Obey Is Not Obedience

One-hundred-eighty-Degree Christians
A Man Named John
Two Definitions of Conversion
Jesus in the Central Place

"If He Does Not Resist"
Love Universal and Constant
A Battle in the Breast-Joined to His Idols

The Substance and
Keynote of Jesus' Teaching

The Divine Humiliation
What the Father Asked, I Ask
God Didn't Want Isaac
Things and Attitudes
Continual but Complete
Does Surrender Mean Slavery?
What Accepting Christ Means
Pregnant With Eternal Consequences
Same Man but Different

But I Donít Want to Surrender!
No Answers in Thirty Minute
We Had Better Know Jesus
Not Found Casually
The Dull Becomes Fascinating
Study With Others
Why Blessings Are Lost

The Soul's Controlling Faculty
Resolving the Battle
A Pivotal Area
Energizing the Will

Faith and an Orange
The Simplicity of Faith
Possessed by Faith
A Definition of Faith
One Year Made the Difference
Developing Faith
Confidence, No Matter What
Words of Assurance

A Question of Feelings
When We're Hungry We Eat
Dealing With Undesirable Emotions
Emotions That Are Not Sinful
Feelings Fought, Fade

Is Your Soul Breathing Properly?
Extending Paul's Metaphor
What "Pray Constantly" Means
An Obstacle to Prayer
"I Don't Feel Like Praying!"
Don't Quit
God's Wants Rather Than Ours

The Fourth Japanese Monkey
A Link in Sin's Chain
Expel Temptation Immediately
Not a Mental Vacuum
Excluding Even Good Things
Closed Minds, Open Minds

Two Fundamental Lessons
The Two Lessons
Both Lessons Must Be Learned
A Character That All Must Possess

Was Satan Right?
Satan's Perennial Challenge
An Incredible Suggestion!
Taking Another Look
A Troubling Concept
Perfect in Our Sphere
Truth Versus Fanaticism

Proving Satan Wrong
Objections to Perfection
Man's Blunted Faculties
An Allegory
The Interpretation
Proving Satan a Liar

When the Christian "Misses the Mark"
A Change in Mental Posture
Justification Does Not Destroy Self
Neglected Prayer and Study
How Character Is Revealed

Focus on Victory
The Effects of Defeat
Defeat Is Unnecessary
Our Greatest Struggle
Victories to Be Gained
Too Many Gates to Watch?

Ere the Gates Close
The Guideposts Are Up


Relevant Quotations
From the Spirit of Prophecy Writings