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1. Jesus, Our Saviour From Sin - Not In Sin
2. How Sin Originated
3. God Created Adam and Eve
4. Adam and Eve Disobeyed God
5. Divine Love Had a Plan
6. God Sent Forth His Son
7. He Came As a Babe
8. He Was the Word
9. He Humbled Himself
10. He Was Made Like His Brethren
11. He Came Connected
12. He Was Tempted
13. He Overcame
14. He Fulfilled the Law and Magnified It
15. He Promised To Send the Comforter
16. He Instituted the Memorial Service
17. He Bore Our Guilt and Sin
18. He Was Oppressed and Afflicted
19. He Was Crucified
20. He Did Not Fail
21. He Finished His Work
22. He Arose
23. He Made an Atonement For Sin
24. He Lives To Make Intercession
25. All Are Lost Through Adam All May Receive New Life Through Christ
26. Examine Yourself - Are You Still Carnal?
27. Are You Connected With Christ?
28. Even Little Children Need To Be Connected
29. Are You Walking In Fellowship With Christ?

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All Scriptures quoted in this book are from the King James Version unless otherwise indicated.


AA - The Acts of the Apostles
AH - The Adventist Home
BC - 7A of the SDA Bible Commentary
CG - Child Guidance
CH - Counsels on Health
COL - Christ's Object Lessons
Con - Confrontation
CT - Counsels to Teachers
DA - Desire of Ages
Ed - Education
Ev - Evangelism
EW - Early Writings
FE - Fundamentals of Education
FL - The Faith I Live By
FW - Faith and Works
GAG - God's Amazing Grace
GC - The Great Controversy
GW - Gospel Workers
HP - In Heavenly Places
KH - That I May Know Him

Ma - Maranatha
MB - Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing
MH - The Ministry of Healing
ML - My Life Today
MYP - Messages to Young People
OH - Our High Calling
PK - Prophets and Kings
PP - Patriarchs and Prophets
RH - Review and Herald
SC - Steps to Christ
SD - Sons and Daughters
SL - Sanctified Life
SM - Selected Messages
SP - Spirit of Prophecy
ST - Signs of the Times
T - Testimonies for the Church
TM - Testimonies to Ministers
TD - This Day With God
UL - The Upward Look

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